About us

We started in February 2018 as 

a sock brand, because we are really socks addicted, the more color, the better.

That's why we decided to design our own socks.

But we are also obsessed with everything that has to do with cycling and also triatlon does not leave us cold.  That 's why we started to create really nice, casual sweaters and t-shirts for the lovers of cycling, inspired by the heroes on their bikes.

Casual wear with unique quotes that stand out in everyday life, with  our own stamp, our lucky charm, our four-leaf clover. Casual gear with unrivaled quality in combination with our own creativity.

We want people to turn around when you wear our brand and immediately recognize our brand as Pipa cycling club.   

And of course we want that our four-leaf clover brings you luck, every day of the year.


We only want to deliver the best quality, which is why we regularly visit our manufacturers and we make announced and unannounced checks. We continue to develop ourselves continuously and only use the best materials and the best designs. All our t-shirts & sweaters are made durable in Belgium.

All our t-shirts,sweaters and socks have the Fair Wear label.